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Coaching at River Park Baseball

Looking to make an impact with the youth in our community? Do you have skills - life, leadership, patience and/or love for the game of baseball - you can share? We are looking for POSITIVE role models to serve as team managers and coaches from T-Ball through Majors baseball.

Coaching Information

1.    During Player Registration on-line IDENTIFY yourself as a Coaching Volunteer (Follow the prompts and fill out online). 
2.    Anyone interested in being a Little League Manager, Coach or Assistant Coach will be required to also submit a volunteer form for a background check and can't participate in Little League without completion of this form.
Note: All volunteers (coaches, asst. coaches, managers) will be required to attend a mandatory Coaches Clinic in February 2023.
5.    Following submission of your on-line application, all coaching requests will be reviewed by the Coaches Committee and League President.  Those selected will be contact as soon as possible. (mid January 2023)
6.    If you have any questions or interest regarding coaching at River Park in 2023, please email the Division Coordinator for appropriate League Age(s) listed below.  

2023 Division Coordinators:

Shetland Division Coordinator:  Austin Brock, [email protected] , (559) 977-9603
Pinto Division Coordinator:  Eric Lopez, [email protected] , (559) 907-4814
Mustang Division Coordinator:  Craig Levine, [email protected] , (559) 307-8633
Bronco Division Coordinator:  Zack Mecartea, [email protected] , (559) 974-7816

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